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For those gardeners who prefer to spend more time relaxing.  This blend is drought tolerant and has slow regrowth after cutting, making for a very low maintenance lawn, this specialist blend stays green in dry weather and thrives in dry areas.  Contains Strong Creeping Red Fescue (to tolerate close mowing), Chewings Fescue (fine leaved grass, densely tufted and tolerates close mowing), Browntop Bentgrass creates a more compact appearance and helps retain its colour over winter and Sheeps Fescue (to help tolerate low mowing)..

The secret to a good lawn is the preparation work prior to planting.  Always ensure the area is free from weeds and remove any stones or debris and sow on a fine crumbly surface.  For further advice visit our advice pages.

A good weed and feed should be applied after about six months, always read the manufacturers label.

 20 Kg covers between 400 and 520 square metres sown at 35 to 50 grams per square metre

 All our varieties are listed in the Turf grass seed buyers guide to the amenity trade for 2013. ensuring you get a quality mix you can trust, and they are bagged and packed by one of the top seed houses in the country so making sure that quality is maintained.

Avoid sowing grass seed in extremely cold conditions or when there is danger of frost.

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