Best Flower Bulbs for the Patio

Containers of plants and flowers are perfect for brightening up your patio and can transform your outdoor space, no matter the size. Here we share some of the best flower bulbs for the patio.

To achieve the best results, you must choose bulbs that are ideal for your lifestyle and the conditions of your patio. You should consider the level of maintenance you can commit to, and the amount of sunlight the area gets.

Observe how long the patio is in the sun throughout the day. If it is in the sun for six hours or more per day, it is considered to be in full sun. Around 3 hours of sunlight per day is considered part- sun. When it does not receive any or much direct sunlight, this is considered to be in the shade.

For flowers that come back year after year, you will want to display both annuals and perennials. Just make sure that the perennials are suited to your winter climate.

These are some of the most popular choices of bulbs that are ideal for most patios.

Crocus Tommasinianus

Flowering in February and March, this is one of the earliest crocuses to bloom. The slender, funnel-shaped flowers of Crocus Tommasinianus vary in colour and look great when planted in clusters in small pots. They are both hardy and resilient and perform well in any garden setting.

Narcissi Actaea

These flowers have bright white petals, a yellow cut with red edging, and a delightful fragrance. A later flowering variety, Narcissi Actaea flowers in April. Plant these bulbs in containers in bright areas. For impactful displays, plant alongside crocus and bluebells.

Narcissi Carlton

The distinct two-toned yellow flowers with neat, compact heads, make Narcissi Carlton an ideal choice for planting in clumps in containers. They flower in March and April and give off a pleasant vanilla-like fragrance.

Hyacinth Delft Blue

These are lovely porcelain-blue, star-shaped flowers that flower in the late winter, in January and February. Hyacinth Delft Blue carries a sweet perfume and makes a great addition to pots, making them ideal for placement on patios, where their scent can be best appreciated.

Tulip Atlantis

Another late bloomer, the Tulip Atlantis flowers in April and May. These violet flowers have a traditional tulip-shaped bloom with a yellow edge which turns white as it matures. Plant amongst perennials and shrubs in larger containers for a bold display.

Iris Reticulata

Flowering from February to April, Iris Reticulata is a stunning plant that flowers earlier and for longer than most other spring bulbs. These fragrant flowers are a vibrant violet-blue with distinctive yellow and white markings, perfect for adding colour to your patio.

Allium Aflatunense

With striking, lilac spherical flower heads, Allium Aflatunense is one of the most popular choices of garden plants. These bulbs flower from May to June and grow best in full sun and well-drained soil but will tolerate poor soils. They have a strong scent and attract all types of pollinating insects and bees.

These are just some varieties that will make a wonderful addition to patios. For specialist advice on the ideal bulbs for your patio, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Boston Bulbs Wholesale via 01775 769333 or

Boston Bulbs have over 40 years of experience in supplying only the finest quality horticultural products from farmers and growers throughout the UK and Europe, so you can be rest assured that you will always receive a high standard of service and high-quality product from Boston Bulbs Wholesale.

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