Guide to Beautiful Hanging Baskets

When it comes to plants and flowers, it is best to have some variety. Hanging baskets are an excellent way to diversify your gardening, maximise your outdoor space, and brighten up your walls and fences.

If you want to put up some hanging baskets but are unsure about how to get started, or which plants or flowers to use, follow our guide to help you to create the perfect basket arrangement.

Plant at the Right Time

Summer hanging baskets should be planted from April onwards. They require protection from frost until mid to late May. It is typically easier to plant in situ after the frosts have passed, especially if you do not have a greenhouse to store them in and shield them from the frost.

Depending on the types of plants you use, long-lasting perennial baskets should also be planted from April onwards.

Winter hanging baskets should be planted in September or October. The plants you use should be hardy so you will not need to worry about the frost.

Use The Right Plants

For the best results, you must make sure you select plants that are well-suited to the season you are planting in. If you are planting a summer basket, use plants such as geraniums, fuchsias, pansies, and petunias. If you want longer-lasting baskets, opt for perennials such as ivy or purple-leaved sage.

Winter baskets need to contain hardy plants to withstand the colder, harsher weather. You could try planting crocuses, irises, ivy, primulas, and winter pansies.

Follow Best Practice for Planting

It is relatively easy to plant hanging baskets and, when it comes to planting summer and winter baskets, the basic principles are the same. Follow these steps to ensure your hanging baskets look their best.

Line Your Wire Baskets

If you have wire baskets, you will need to ensure they are lined with material. The lining should be around 1.5cm thick.

Ready-made cardboard liners and fibrous materials are widely available for this purpose. However, moss is also a great alternative for lining baskets and can be found on your lawn!

Reduce Water Waste

Hanging baskets usually dry out more quickly than other containers so it is important to take steps to try and improve water retention.

Before filling up your basket with compost, place a small circle of plastic in the bottom of the basket. This will help to stop water from running straight out of the bottom.

Avoid Using Mains Tap Water

Try to avoid using mains tap water if you can, as plants typically grow better with rainwater, especially if you use soluble feed.

Use The Right Compost

If you are looking to create an arrangement that will only last up to one year, a good quality, peat-free multipurpose compost will be suitable.

However, if you are wanting to grow plants such as perennials or winter-flowering heathers, you should use ericaceous compost.

Start With One Plant

When it comes to arranging the plants in the basket, it is best to start with just one plant in the middle, then plant around that. This will allow you to create a structure from the centre out, which will be impactful and aesthetically pleasing.

Colour Coordinate

Consider what the flowers are going to look like when in full bloom and whether the colours will complement each other nicely. You may want to pick colours that contrast each other for vibrant baskets or stick to a colour scheme, using different shades of the same colour.

Plant Trailing Plants

Plant trailing plants around the edge of the hanging basket to cover the sides to make it more visually appealing and cover up any visible lining.

Fill In the Gaps

Once you have got all the plants in place, fill around the bulbs and root balls with more compost. Make sure you do this carefully and gently yet firmly to ensure that you do not leave any large air pockets without causing any damage.

Water Well

After completing the above steps, it is important to water your hanging basket well, but slowly to ensure that water does not run out of the bottom.

Depending on the plants used, you may also need to feed them. For the best results, feed regularly and you will be rewarded with long-lasting, colourful arrangements.

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