The Best Bulbs for Beginners

There are very few things that are more welcome than a beautiful flower display. When Spring comes around, seeing gardens and green spaces burst into vibrant colour is both joyful and invigorating. Whilst many of us want to be able to recreate the stunning displays we see online or in other people’s gardens, it can seem challenging for those who are new to gardening or do not consider themselves particularly green-fingered. Here we discuss the best flower bulbs for beginners. 

Spring Bulbs  

As a general rule of thumb, spring-flowering bulbs are some of the easiest bulbs as they start growing almost immediately. When they are planted in Autumn, the roots are established and they continue to grow slowly throughout the rest of Autumn and Winter. To get started, ensure the spot you choose will get plenty of sunshine in Spring once they have bloomed. Once planted, also ensure they receive plenty of water.  


A true symbol of Spring - there are many reasons why people love daffodils. Their bright yellow trumpets are one of the first flowers that can be seen in Spring, giving people the sense that the cold winter months are finally coming to an end. Daffodils live a long time as many varieties will come back year after year, saving you money and the time it takes to replant each year. They come in a fabulous range of shades from startling snow-white to sunshine yellow. Deer and rodents tend to avoid daffodils which is great news. In addition to this, many varieties have a lovely fragrance and some also make great cut flowers.  

Try these varieties: Ice Follies, Salome, King Alfred, Anniversary Gift, Carlton, Fortune, Mount Hood 


With more than 80 species of crocus available, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from with this bulb. They are often one of the earliest flowers to bloom and can even break through the snow. The sight of vivid crocus petals contrasting the white of the snow on cold winter days is breathtaking. Not only are there plenty of colours to choose from, but they also come with patterns on the petals such as stripes, making such an impact on floral displays. Not only are crocuses great for flower beds, they naturalise amazingly well in the lawn and can also be grown in containers. Ideal if you are short on space or only have a balcony.  

Try these varieties: Conqueror, Dorothy, Fuscotinctus, Orange Monarch, Romance, Ruby Giant, Snow Bunting 


The puffy flower heads of hyacinths are a joy to see. How bright and majestic they look! Some people may believe that they are difficult to grow, when in fact that is not necessarily the case. As they are still a Spring flowering bulb, as long as you plant them in the correct conditions and provide enough water, the effort of planting these is minimal. They make great additions to flower borders or containers and look stunning next to daffodils and tulips as they contrast beautifully. Not only will hyacinths catch people’s attention, but many varieties also smell great too. They can also be grown indoors and make good cut flowers. From white to vivid red, pastel pink, lilac, violet and yellow, you are spoilt for choice with this bulb.  

Try these varieties: City of Haarlem, Fondant, Delft Blue, Jan Bos, Carnegie, Woodstock 


One of the most popular flowers is the tulip and luckily they are also great flowers to grow for beginners. The variety of tulips available is outstanding. No matter what colour scheme you are going for, you will inevitably find tulips that will make a fantastic addition to your floral displays. Although tulips can be a target for rodents and other wildlife, if you can protect them long enough, you will be beyond rewarded by how simply stunning they look. As there are so many types, they each have their own characteristics and varying blooming times. This is perfect for gardeners because if you plan in advance you can ensure you have floral displays for a longer period of time. 

Try these varieties:  Aladdin, Atlantis, Candy Corner, Foxtrot, Orange Favourite

If you are struggling to choose, decide on a colour scheme and go from there. Although uniform displays can look stunning, displays that are more of a mixture of varieties can look equally as amazing. One of the best things about planting Spring bulbs is that it is not only relatively simple, but also you can have complete creative control. Although the bulbs described above are perfect for beginners and some of the easiest to grow, the most challenging part is having the patience to wait until Spring to see the results of your work and see your floral displays come to life. 

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