A Guide to Autumn Gardening Jobs

Autumnal months are the perfect time to get your garden in order ready for next Spring. From tidying up your flower beds, laying new turf to planting flower bulbs, Autumn is one of the busiest times in a gardeners’ calendar. Here we discuss how to prepare your garden for Winter and share the perfect Autumn gardening jobs.  

Tidy out your shed and greenhouse  

Start by sweeping up any dead vegetation. Use this time whilst the days are not too short to tidy out your shed and greenhouse thoroughly as well. Use a hot solution of specific garden disinfectant to help prevent pest invasions and fungal infection. Once you have done your deep clean, allow your greenhouse to dry out thoroughly by ensuring there is enough ventilation.  

Whilst cleaning out the shed, throw away or recycle anything you do not need anymore, and clean up all your gardening tools once you are finished with them for the season so that they will be waiting for you in the Spring, all ready to go!  

Clean out any old plant pots or seed trays you may have hiding in your shed or that are sat unused in your greenhouse. Get them ready to use soon for Spring flowering bulbs or sowing winter veg.  

Tidy up flower borders  

Although they were once vibrant with colour, your flower beds and borders can quickly turn messy once the seasons start to change.   

Dig up any annuals you have planted in your flower beds and swap them out for some Winter colour e.g. pansies. After you have done this you can cut back any perennials that need tending to and then focus on planting for next year. Finish off by spreading a thin layer of compost or bark chips onto your flower beds.  

Don’t forget the grass  

It is common for thatch or moss to appear on top of grass. Remove this by raking and add it all to your compost heap. If you have a large amount of moss, once you have removed it, place a sandy top grass dressing followed by some lawn feed specific to the Autumn months.   

Your grass can also become dry around paths so you should target these areas to ensure they are getting enough aeration. Make deep holes every 10cm or so using the prongs from a garden fork. If you are wanting to completely redo your lawn, Autumn is also a great time to lay down turf as it gives it plenty of time to become established before the Summer.  

Plant your spring bulbs   

There are so many beautiful spring-flowering bulbs to choose from. Before you start planting, take the time to plan your garden out. Ask yourself whether you would prefer a more formal style (in which case you might want to go for blocks of colour in uniform lines) or would you prefer a more informal mixture? Taking the time to plan before planting will make the task so much more efficient and the benefits can be reaped once Spring comes around. Ensure you check the suitability of the bulb before you plant them as well. Whilst some will be perfect for borders, other plants may be great in woodland settings, containers, or next to ponds. Always aim to include plants that thrive in these specific areas for the best results.   

It is not just where you plant or the colour you should consider either. Play around with the heights of bulbs as well. Try having tall, robust alliums at the back of flower beds with tulips and hyacinths further at the front. Mixing up the heights helps create different layers to your garden and can lead to the most stunning floral displays.  

Net Ponds  

If you are lucky enough to have a pond in your garden, net it during Autumn as it helps save you time and effort. Any falling leaves will conveniently be caught by the net, helping you keep a tidier garden whilst also helping keep the filters and pumps unblocked.  

Protect your plants  

Before the colder weather starts to hit, ensure you have a thorough understanding of which plants are vulnerable to the frost and therefore need a level of protection. Some of your plants may need to be taken indoors if possible whilst others in containers may need wrapping to keep them warmer. Each plant is different so it is important to understand individual criteria so that the plants can survive the colder Winter months  

After the Summer is over, your garden can quickly become cluttered. Whether its leaves falling from your trees or dead vegetation, now is a great time to have a good clean up. Autumn is also the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs and getting your entire garden ready for when Spring arrives. Here are just a few of our Autumn gardening tips to help you get started. Autumn is a busy season in the garden, but as long as you have a plan, your hard work will pay off next year. 

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