17 Facts about Dahlias

Dahlias have been a floral favourite for generations and it’s easy to see why. Their bright blooms, vast variation, and heart-warming history make these flowers special in many ways. Here are 17 facts about Dahlias.

1.    There are currently 42 species of Dahlias  

2.    Dahlias were the favourite flower of the court of Queen Victoria and Marie Antoinette. 

3.    When the Dahlia was initially discovered, it was declared a vegetable, due to the fact that the tubers are edible. However, whilst the tubers were part of an Aztec diet, the Dahlia delicacy failed to take off in Europe. 

4.    Dahlias peak from Mid-Summer, which is later than a lot of other flowers making them a great way to extend your summer flower displays. 

5.    Dahlias can be found in almost any colour; however, you will not find a blue one. This is not due to a lack of trying; Breeders are still trying to discover a way of creating these blue blooms. 

6.    Not only is the Dahlia the National flower of Mexico, but it is also the official flower of both San Francisco and Seattle. 

7.    Depending on the variety, Dahlias can be dainty or daunting and can grow to be 35cm in diameter. Dwarf varieties are great for flower beds, whilst some giant varieties have been known to grow to over 6m tall. 

8.    The first Double Flower Dahlias varieties were bred in 1815. 

9.    The Dahlia was first recorded by Westerners back in 1615. Back then they were called by their original name which was Acoctli  

10.    Dahlias are officially part of the Asteraceae family. This flower family includes some favourites including Asters, Daisies. Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums. These flowers are classed as part of this family due to their astral appearance. The word Asteraeceae derives from the Greek word for star. This is a reference to flowers that resemble a star with surrounding rays. 

11.    Unlike plants that use scent to attract, Dahlias rely on their amazing spectrum of colour. The bright blooms of Dahlias make them attractive to pollinating insects.

12.    According to floriography, the language of flowers, Dahlias symbolise a range of things, from dignity and elegance to inner strength and commitment to others. 

13.    Spanish botanists discovered Dahlias when they noticed them growing wild in Mexico. Whilst this was when Dahlias were officially discovered, the flowers had been cultivated and bred much earlier than this. 

14.    After Dahlias were discovered, they were brought back from Mexico to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Madrid in 1789. 

15.    Dahlias have a history of winning awards. The breed has received over 100 Award of Garden Merits by the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS), making them a winning addition to any garden.  

16.    The director of the Madrid Botanical Garden, Abbe Cavanilles named the Dahlia after the Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl. 

17.    Dahlias are often used to make dyes. All the flower colours (apart from white) produce yellow, orange, or green tones, perfect for use in textiles.

Dahlias are a stunning and highly demanded flower with a rich history, as these facts show. There is a lot to learn about these gorgeous blooms. With so many varieties and colours to choose from, they have a history of Royal approval, make beautiful cut flowers, and are a great way to add colour to your flower displays in the summertime. 

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