8 Common Lawn Problems and how to fix them

We all want a lawn that is healthy and green all through the year, but this is not an easy thing to achieve. From dry patches to pest infestations and moss, there are many problems you may experience with your grass. Fortunately, a lot of them are easy to identify and deal with. Here we discuss 8 common lawn problems and how to fix them.
Patchy growth in shady areas 

Many types of grass seed don’t particularly like the shade and you can often find patches of uneven growth. This can be remedied by ensuring you choose a grass seed that is suitable for your region and also is shade tolerant. Also, ensure that all your trees that are creating the shade are properly pruned throughout the year. 

Bald spots  

Bald spots can appear in your grass for several reasons, such as disease or simply because it is an area of the lawn that experiences heavy foot traffic. Although this problem is common it can be unsightly and can encourage the invasion of weeds. Start by digging up the spot and the area directly surrounding the patch. Rake the area gently before adding topsoil and grass seed. Follow the directions on the grass seed to ensure you water it as stated. 

Pet damage  

Pets are amazing but they can cause havoc in the garden, especially our lawns. Both cat and dog urine contain high levels of nitrogen which can end up causing brown patches to form on your grass. To solve this, dig out the affected areas, place a layer of topsoil on the surface then reseed the lawn, followed by a suitable fertiliser. To avoid the same thing continuing to happen, try and have a designated area of your garden specifically for your pets to go to the toilet. This can help limit the damage in the long run. 


If not treated quickly moss can quickly take over a lawn. Moss is caused due to a mixture of moisture in the lawn and weak grass. In order to spread, moss needs moisture so it makes sense that shady areas of the garden are more likely to suffer. Spring and Autumn are also the seasons when moss occurs more regularly. To combat moss, keep your lawn in the best condition by feeding it regularly and ensuring it gets enough water but not too much. Prune any overhanging trees to prevent excess shade in your garden. Aerate and dethatch the grass when needed to promote healthier grass and relieve compacted soil.  

Holes from burrowing pests 

You may notice holes across your lawn which can be caused by a range of things. Moles, birds, and other wildlife can cause damage to your lawn by digging up the grass. This often happens because they are searching for grubs. If you have a grub infestation and the grass is left unchecked, it could end up infesting the entire lawn, causing a larger problem. It is easy enough to discover if you have grubs. Simply peel back a small section of the grass and look for grubs. They look like small white worms and are easy to spot. If you do have them you can purchase specific solutions that kill the grubs. After the treatment has been applied, you can reseed the infected lawn. 


Weeds are a pain for gardeners. Not only do they regularly appear in your flower beds, they often grow on your lawn as well. If they are not dealt with they can soon multiple. Ensure your lawn is mowed regularly to keep the lawn healthy. It is also vital to ensure your grass is getting enough water to stay healthy. During the warmer summer months, water the garden in the morning before the peak temperature of the day. This can help prevent weed growth. Also, add fertiliser when needed. Once you have cut the lawn, you can leave some of the clippings on the lawn as these will biodegrade and can help keep the lawn healthy. 

Lawn thatch  

Even though leaving some grass clippings on the ground can be beneficial, leaving significant amounts on the grass will gradually build a thatch which can prevent water from reaching the healthy grass and can lead to disease. Ensure you rake out the thatch in early Autumn and Spring with a rake.  

Scalped grass 

You can scalp the grass by cutting the grass too short when mowing. Sometimes a shortcut is done by accident and sometimes it is because people believe if they cut the grass really short they will have longer between mows. This, unfortunately, isn't the case. Not only can scalping the lawn look unsightly, as you end up with bare patches, but you can also leave your lawn more vulnerable to moss and weeds. To promote an even mow, fill any hollows in your lawn with topsoil and change your mower settings to cut slightly longer. 

These are just some of the most common lawn problems. Although it is annoying to have issues with your lawn, as we all want it to look healthy and perfect throughout the year, understanding the issues to look for and knowing how to quickly remedy the problems can help ensure you are prepared. Although some of these problems are out of our control,  it is important to try and keep it in the healthiest condition possible to limit the risk of these issues occurring. Regularly mow your lawn with sharp blades, feed your lawn when required, and monitor the amount of water the grass is getting. 

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