Lawn mowing tips

Whether you enjoy doing it or find it a tedious task, mowing your lawn is an essential job that must be done if you want to keep your lawn healthy and your garden tidy.

Mowing helps to block out weeds and makes your grass more hard-wearing. It also encourages the grass to grow back thicker which will improve the look of your lawn.

Cutting the grass can be time-consuming but it is worth it. Ensure you make the best use of your time and get the best results by following these lawn mowing tips.

Get your mower serviced

To ensure a good clean cut, you should get your mower serviced at the start of each growing season. Blades should be sharp and not chipped. If your mower has blunt or damaged blades, the grass will be bruised and can turn straw-colored at the tips.

Be sure to clean out your mower regularly to help prevent a build-up of grass clippings.

Get the lawn height right

Aim to reduce your lawn’s height by no more than one-third whenever you mow the grass. If you reduce it by more than that it will decrease the health and vitality of the grass.

Lawn grass is typically best kept between 2.5cm and 4cm tall. Where the lawn gets more wear, keep it a little longer, between 4cm and 5cm. Where the lawn is shaded, you could leave it a little longer, between 7cm and 8cm.

Adjust the cutting height

The cutting height should be adjusted on your mower to suit the season and weather.

At the start and end of a season, or if it is hot and dry, raise the height of the blade slightly to let the grass grow a bit longer. Longer foliage holds more moisture which will help to shade the soil and keep the grass green.

Mow in spring and summer

The lawn will need mowing more or less frequently depending on the time of year. For the best results, you should mow the lawn regularly in spring and summer.

Grass grows slower in early spring, so it will need cutting less frequently. Cut it fortnightly until late spring when the weather is warmer and the grass will be growing more quickly.

In late spring and summer, the lawn will need to be mowed weekly. Once a week is typically enough but if you notice your grass is growing back particularly quickly then you may want to cut it twice per week.

Avoid newly sown areas

If you have recently sown grass seed, wait until the grass has grown to at least 4cm tall before cutting those patches of lawn.

If your lawn is looking a bit sparse in areas, you may want to consider sowing some grass seed to improve the look and health of your lawn.

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