July Monthly Gardening Jobs
  • Begin to lower the leaves on your tomato plants to encourage ripening and fruit production.
  • Liquid feed all your container plants.
  • Removing your lawn mowers grass collecting box allows cut grass to act as a mulch on the lawn.
  • Water the garden in the evening, ideally use a hand held hose rather than a sprinkler saving on waste water.
  • Remove any perennial weeds.  Do not add them to the compost heap until they have been allowed to shrivel and have dried out.
  • Lift autumn sown garlic and onions, dry out in the sun before storing.
  • Lift and dry shallots.
  • Check early potato plants to see if they are ready to harvest.
  • Water hanging baskets and patio plants everyday.
  • Keep greenhouse air moist to prevent red spider mites.
  • Pinch out the tops of runner beans when they reach the top of their poles.
  • Water runner beans regularly at the roots.
  • There is still time to sow beetroot, carrots and beans in our growbags.
  • Fill up the freezer with barbeque foods and take time to enjoy life.
  • Research our website for your autumn flower bulb planting.
  • Give dahlias a liquid feed and keep them well watered.
  • Feed, water and deadhead summer bedding.



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