Top Trends from Chelsea Flower Show 2023

The Chelsea Flower Show is not just a place for people to view stunning flower displays, it is a great place to discover top tips and inspiration to take home for their own garden. Here are some top trends from Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

Embracing weeds

Weeds are usually classed as unsightly and something not desirable when it comes to your garden but 2023 was the year weeds were embraced at the Chelsea Flower Show. Featured in several of the gardens on display this year, weeds including knapweed, clover, and dandelions were key additions. Not only are weeds great for protecting the soil, but they can also be beneficial by attracting insects including ladybugs, wasps, and more. 

The gardens in this year's show really helped highlight that weeds are not necessarily something we need to get rid of. They can in fact be strategically used to create even brighter, thriving, and aesthetically pleasing gardens.

Rubble and Bricks  

In an effort to promote recycling, reusing materials such as rubble and bricks were prominent at RHS Chelsea. Rubble and bricks are great materials to use as they provide many cracks and crevices for plants to grow and for wildlife to take shelter and turn into their home. 

The excellent drainage provided by rubble and bricks is the perfect match for hardy plants that thrive in these conditions such as Mediterranean plants.

Not only can these materials create points of interest in the garden, they are readily available and low cost making it a great trend for those that are wanting to make an impact in their garden but need to stick to a tight budget. 

Grow Your Own Food  

Whilst this is not a new trend, it is becoming more popular in the gardens at Chelsea with the incorporation of “edimentals”- plants that are edible but also beautiful and ornamental such as fruit trees, asparagus, herbs, and artichokes. When the pandemic hit, many people turned to their gardens as a source of comfort and to provide them with something to do. In turn, many decided to start to grow their own produce and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

The great news is that it’s really easy to get started. Some vegetables such as onions and potatoes are relatively easy to grow and it doesn’t matter what size garden you have. If you don’t have room for a full veggie patch, why not used a raised bed, or you can even use window boxes to start growing herbs if you do not have a garden at all. 

Woodland Gardens  

Woodland Gardens have been a trend at Chelsea for several years, but there’s a reason why it’s still a focus. The beauty of woodlands dappled in sunlight is a sight to behold and something that can be recreated at home. Turn areas of your garden that don’t get a lot of sunlight, into woodland havens. Opt for trees if you have the space, or leafy foliage, mixed in with flower bulbs such as snowdrops, bluebells, and crocuses which are perfect for naturalising and creating the true woodland look.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of the staples of the flower calendar year and never fails to inspire gardeners – whether they are new to gardening or experts. These are just some of the top trends from this year's show that can all be easily recreated in our own gardens, regardless of the size.

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