May Monthly Gardening Jobs
  • Mulch your borders to suppress weeds and help retain moisture.
  • Put gravel filled saucers under pots to reduce watering.
  • Keep young plants growing strongly with an application of liquid fertiliser.
  • Harden off young plants gradually by putting them outdoors during the day or leaving greenhouse doors and windows open.
  • Prepare containers for summer displays.
  • Bulbs can be trenched in to the garden to allow them to die back naturally before storing.
  • Keep check for pest infestation and treat immediately once sighted.
  • Greenhouse tomatoes should be growing rapidly.  Tie them in and feed with liquid fertiliser regularly.
  • Keep feeding wild birds.
  • Remove suckers from shrubs and roses at ground level.
  • Net brassicas to keep off cabbage white butterflies.
  • Once risk of frost has passed, plant out and stake dahlias.
  • Sow french beans individually in pots for planting out next month.
  • Gradually lower mower blades and cut at more regular intervals.
  • Protect frost tender plants with fleece.
  • Keep on top of any weed growth, hoe between crops and flowers regularly.
  • Lift and divide larger clumps of daffodils and any other over crowded spring bulb varieties that have finished flowering.
  • Water plants early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid drying out.



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