November Monthly Gardening Jobs



  • Plant spring flowering bulbs, in particular tulips.
  • Plant garlic cloves in milder climates.
  • Dig over empty borders, particularly vegetable plots so the frost can break down any clods.
  • Plant winter bedding pansies, violas and wall flowers.
  • Keep clearing fallen leaves from the lawn and flower beds.
  • Clean greenhouses and cold frame glass.
  • Hoe any weeds before they take hold.
  • Clean out bird nesting boxes, always wear gloves to avoid parasites.
  • Check stored fruit and vegetables.  Remove any rotten or decayed ones.
  • Sow broad beans and peas.
  • Prepare your lawn ready for winter.
  • Apply a thick mulch to your borders, especially ones with less hardy plants.
  • Buy your spring flowering bulbs, garden gifts and accessories.



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