Tips For Planting Your Favourite Spring Bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant Spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and crocuses as it allows them time to settle and become established before the first frost hits. Here we share some top tips for planting your favourite Spring bulbs:

•    When buying your bulbs, ensure they are healthy and as fresh as possible. Avoid bulbs that are shrivelled or feel soft when you touch them. Opt for firmer bulbs instead.  
•    Try and plant them soon after you have received them. Planting them within a week of getting them will stop them from sprouting before they have been planted. 
•    Check your soil type before choosing the bulbs. Each bulb has a soil preference and thrives in certain environments. It's important to check this in advance. 
•    Provide good drainage and ensure the bulbs will receive some sunlight. Both of these will help avoid bulb rot. 
•    Decide on your planting scheme early. Do you want drifts of a certain species? Or would you prefer a variety of species and colour to create a more dramatic display? 
•    Plant groups of early flowering bulbs such as tulips or daffodils next to annuals that grow later in the year. This helps avoid empty patches of your garden during certain times of the year. 
•    Don’t be afraid to plant some bulbs directly into the grass or at the base of a tree. Some bulbs are perfect for these environments. For example, crocuses, snowdrops or Winter aconites. 
•    Create amazing displays by planting your bulbs in containers as well. Try and stick to the same variety so that all of the flowers bloom together at the same time for a striking effect. 
•    Make the most of the space in your containers by layering the bulbs. Planting different bulbs at different layers with different blooming times can help create flower displays for longer. 
•    Plant bulbs approximately two to three times their own depth and about two bulbs width apart. You want to let them have enough space to grow but be close enough to form beautiful displays. 
•    Plant bulbs with their tops facing upwards. If you are unsure which way round this is, place them on their side.  
•    Press firmly on the soil after you have planted to ensure there are no air spaces around the bulbs.  
•    Bulbs in pots will require more care than those in soil so bear this in mind. 
•    Protect your containers in winter by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Also, cover with chicken wire to prevent rodents from trying to eat the bulbs. Remove once you can see shoots appearing. 
•    When choosing flower bulbs, the bigger the better. Smaller bulbs tend not to be as high quality. 
•    Keep on top of the weeding. Not only do weeds look ugly, but they can also steal nutrients from the soil which your bulbs need to thrive. Spreading mulch on your soil can help to prevent some weeds but not all. 

These are just some of our top tips for planting Spring bulbs. Taking your time to buy the correct bulbs for your garden and location and planning your colour scheme now will help you to be able to sit back and enjoy your hard work when Spring comes around.

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