Garden ideas for a new build garden

New-build houses typically come with a bare plot. A plain lawn may not look all that inviting or inspiring now, but it makes for a brilliant blank canvas, bursting with potential.

There are many simple and inexpensive ways to inject some vibrance and dimension into your garden. Read on for ideas on what you can do to improve your new-build garden.

Get Familiar

Start by familiarising yourself with your outdoor space. You need to know what size area you have to work with and the layout and identify any potential constraints.

You should also find out the soil type and conditions of your garden, including how much light it gets, and which areas are sheltered.

Gather Inspiration

Once you have assessed your garden, spend time looking at other gardens, and outdoor features and furniture, to help you to determine what you would like in your own garden.

Creating a mood board is a great way to visualise your ideas and things you like. You can do this by cutting and sticking images, or digitally, for example by using Pinterest.

Create A Path

Adding a path can make your garden seem bigger or to split it into smaller sections. You could use bricks, stepping stones, wood, or slabs to create paths.

Pick Plants

Select the plants you want in your outdoor space, and that are suited to the soil type and conditions of your new build garden.

You should pick a diverse range of plants, which flower at different times of the year, and grow to varying heights, for a garden that will look great all year round.

Some of the most popular flowering plants include crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.

Get Planting

Plants can be planted in pots and planters, or directly in the ground, usually in borders.

Planting can be done any time of year, providing the ground is not frozen, but the ideal times for planting are during autumn and spring.

Grow Produce

Create a vegetable patch to grow your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs in.

The soil is often poor in new-build gardens. If your soil is heavy, acidic, or alkaline, you can use raised beds filled with bought soil instead.

You can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, and even potatoes and onions at home.

Create A Patio

A patio makes an ideal foundation for garden furniture and potted plants. Creating a raised patio will help to add dimension to your outdoor space and separate it from the rest of the garden.

Being at an elevated level will give you a great view of your garden so you can sit and admire your handiwork!


Finally, add personal finishing touches by implementing lighting, cushions, candles, and ornaments. These can really transform and add character to a new-build garden.

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