Top Flower Trends from Chelsea Flower Show 2021

It was great to see the Chelsea Flower Show back this year. The stunning show houses spectacular flowers and designs from professional horticulturalists and artists, and there is plenty of inspiration for keen gardeners. Here are some top flower trends from Chelsea Flower Show 2021 that you can recreate at home.  

Garden sculptures are as popular as ever  

Whilst plants should be the stars of the show, sculptures are also a great addition to a garden as they provide a focal point and look great all year round. At this year's show, garden sculptures were as popular as ever including some dolphins sculpted from driftwood by James Doran Webb which was a crowd favourite. 

Pocket Forests 

Forest bathing which involved being immersed in a woodland setting has become extremely popular as people learn more about the benefits of embracing nature. The great news is that the show has demonstrated that even the smallest gardens can recreate the look with “pocket forests”. Designer Sara Edwards repurposed bulk containers and turned them into large plant pots for trees and even a self-contained pond. By underplanting trees with ferns and shrubs, a small forest can be created. Add pops of colour with fruit trees, snowdrops and bluebells for a perfect woodland look.  

Jewel Colours 

Gardens look amazing when they are full of colour and whilst a mixture of colours looks stunning, it is great to have a specific colour scheme in mind. Popular colours revealed at this years’ show were Jewel tones. From dark purples or burnt oranges to deep pinks, these colours not only complement each other, but they can also be striking, uplifting and can help attract pollinators.  

Plan for the changing seasons  

When planning your garden, consider all four seasons, not just Spring and Summer when most flowers are in bloom. With some forward-thinking, you can help ensure your garden transforms throughout the year. The M&G garden designed by Hugo Bugg and Charlotte Harris this year was full of Amsonia Illustris which are an autumnal shade of yellow at this time of year but have fresh green foliage in summer with pale blue flowers. Try choosing some perennial plants that have full impact in summer and then gradually change and die back beautifully into Autumn such as irises.  

Go eco friendly  

Sustainability was an expected theme at this years Chelsea Flower Show and is something everyone should be thinking about when it comes to their own gardens. Try opting for materials that are less damaging for the environment so choose terracotta or metal pots over plastic containers. Attempt an upcycling project rather than throwing stuff away. For example, give your old garden furniture some TLC by repainting it. Or reuse everyday household items such as old metal pans into containers for the garden. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. 

Help the bees  

Another trend that has returned this year is the focus on bees and ensuring that everyone tries and does what they can to help the bee population grow and thrive for years to come. Plant wildlife-friendly flowers (especially in blue and purple shades which are the best for attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and insects). Make your own compost heap as this can also help create a habitat for wildlife in your garden with minimal effort.  

Don’t be too tidy  

This may seem like a strange trend but there is a reason behind it. A theme of many gardens at this year's show was to have areas of the gardens that were not completely perfect. For example, try and keep some leaf piles in your garden as we go into Winter to help provide shelter for wildlife. Try leaving a section of your garden to become wild rather than keeping it perfectly neat. The wildlife will appreciate it! Also, don’t be afraid of weeds. It is now a trend to let some weeds grow freely. For example, Dandelions, Cuckoo Clove and Clover were all left in some of the gardens in this year’s show to highlight what a beautiful atmosphere they can create in a garden.  

Add some water  

Another huge trend for 2021 was the use of water. Try adding a water feature into your garden. They look great, the sound creates a peaceful oasis, great for helping you feel one with nature and instantly calmer. They are can also look extremely impressive. From ponds to water fountains or even mini waterfalls, there will be a water feature that will suit your garden perfectly.  

Go curvy with your design  

In the RHS Garden of Hope and other gardens at the show, they truly embraced curves to help create and define different areas of the garden, avoid any harsh lines and create a cosy and relaxing space. Even if you have a smaller garden, you can effectively bring in curves. For example, you could add a small archway or have a curved patio or flower bed. 

Each year the Chelsea Flower Show fails to disappoint and provides a range of beautiful gardens that are not only lovely to look at but tell a story and provide advice for all gardeners to try and replicate in their own homes. These are just some of the top trends from Chelsea Flower show 2021 that you can recreate at home. Did you have a favourite garden you saw on the show? If so, try and replicate an element of it yourself. No matter what trend you go for, make sure you have fun and enjoy the efforts of your hard work. 

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