Summer Gardening Jobs

You may be enjoying spending more time in your garden, now it is getting warmer and flowers are blooming. Staying on top of your gardening is a great excuse to get outside and make the most of hot summer days. Here are some suggestions for quick summer gardening jobs to help you keep on top of your garden and get it in tip-top shape this season.

Plus, you do not have to spend hours outside to keep your garden looking its best. In fact, during the summer, the little and often approach to gardening is best and is perfect when you are short on time.

Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Summer is the perfect time to cut back your spring-flowering shrubs.

Help promote new growth by pruning plants that have finished flowering. As soon as the flowers have wilted, clip them back.

This will not only improve their appearance for the winter but will also help ensure that you have a beautiful floral display next year.

Deadhead Flowers

Keep on top of deadheading and feeding to reboot your seasonal bedding plants. Flowers, especially roses, require regular deadheading and feeding throughout the summer to help them flower for longer.

Cut spent flower heads just above a leaf off to promote new growth. The further back you cut, the longer it will take for the flower to grow back.

Crown Thinning Trees

Summer is usually the best time for thinning most trees, while in leaf and before the leaves fall.

When trees grow, the canopy becomes heavier and thicker, particularly towards the bottom. Cut out some of the thinner, crossing branches to help cut down the weight of the canopy.

This will make the trees look more attractive, increase transparency, and let more light and rain through them.

Water Regularly

Just like people and animals, plants typically need more water in warmer weather as the soil dries out a lot quicker. Potted plants, in particular, lose a lot of water which needs to be replaced.

Avoid watering at the warmest time of the day as a lot of water is likely to evaporate. Additionally, avoid watering little and often as this can encourage weeds.

If you struggle to use a watering can or hose in the heat, place ice cubes in the soil. Depending on the size of the pot, put three to five ice cubes in the pot in the morning.

Sow Vegetables

There are many vegetables that you can sow now and pick young or that will withstand the harsh conditions of winter for picking in spring.

You could sow spring cabbage and winter lettuce, and quick-maturing radishes, salad leaves, and turnips.

Plan Your Spring Borders

When it is too hot or wet to do any summer gardening jobs, take some time to plan your spring borders. You are likely to see a greater bloom in spring if you order your bulbs and seeds now and plant them in the autumn.

To help you plan for a beautiful spring garden, check out our guide on how to plan a spring bulb garden.

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