How do we know that our grass seed will perform well where we say it will?

As with everything we sell, be that flowering bulbs or grass seed, we only accept the highest quality products and reject anything that does not conform to our high standards. Nothing goes out of our warehouse doors without having first been quality checked.

This is as true with our grass seed as it is with our flower bulbs. We are proud to say that our high performance grass seed mixtures contain only top quality species to create perfect lawns. Whatever your grass seed needs, we will have the right blend for you, whether that is for a lush green ornamental show lawn, a bowling green or just an everyday hard wearing family lawn.

How do we know that the blends are the best for the purpose? Well, the company that mixes the blends for us is a recognised company using what are classed as STRI varieties. We only use varieties which have been tested and listed as the top species for putting into the blends to ensure that when we say it is suited for wet areas, pond areas or shaded areas that it will perform in those areas.

We can therefore offer with confidence grass seed that is perfect for shaded areas and gardens, bowling and golf greens, golf tees and fairways, cricket outfields, cricket wickets, football pitches, rugby pitches, wetland and pond areas, horse paddocks and more. In fact, whatever type of lawn you need, we will have the right grass seed to create it.    

If you're not sure what type of grass seed you need to create your ideal lawn, or need more help with anything to do with grass seed then please contact us. Boston Bulbs Wholesale is a privately owned business with over 35 years experience of importing only the finest quality horticultural products throughout Europe and from farmers and growers all over the UK. Whether you're a landscaper, nursery, local authority, wholesaler, retailer, private business or individual gardener, just give us a call on 01775 769 333 or visit / for help with flower bulbs, grass seed and more.

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