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This high performance mix is quick growing and will establish a new lawn rapidly, with strong regrowth after mowing.  Ideal for hard wearing lawns and winter sports pitches, the growth not only tolerates wear and tear but is extremely durable.  Contains three blends of modern Perennial rye grass (for durability, persistence and tolerates close mowing).

These modern perennials are now finer in appearance and create an attractive lush green sword with superb resistance to wear.

 20 Kg covers between 400 and 520 square metres sown at 35 to 50 grams per square metre

 All our varieties are listed in the Turf grass seed buyers guide to the amenity trade for 2013. ensuring you get a quality mix you can trust, and they are bagged and packed by one of the top seed houses in the country so making sure that quality is maintained.

Avoid sowing grass seed in extremely cold conditions or when there is danger of frost.