Elwesii - Galanthus Bulbs

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galanthus elwesii greater snowdrop

Snowdrop (Galanthus Elwesii) is a large-flowered snowdrop which has honey-scented blooms with two delicate green marks on the crisp white petals. Snowdrops look beautiful combined with other woodland flowers.

The snow white flowers will grace any rockery area, beds, borders or naturalise in grass areas.

When buying your Galanthus Elwesii bulbs for landscaping in woodland areas it is important that the bulb size will generate flowers in the first season, our stocks will give you an amazing show.

Interesting Note: First discovered by Henry John Elwes in 1874 around mountainous areas near Smyrna, Turkey.  The first bulbs were shipped in the July of that same year, the first of many millions since.


Colour White
Height 20cm
Flowers January/March
Planting Depth 5cm
Distance Apart 10cm
Bulb Size 4/5cm