Calypso - Dwarf Tulip Bulbs

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tulipa greigii calypso

Calypso is known for being a reliable perennial. It has nice decorative stippled leaves and large orange-red flowers rimmed with primrose and a black base. It grows only about 20 cm(8”) high, so it makes a gorgeous plant at the front of the perennial border, or pot in containers for early spring displays.

The richly coloured blooms go well with polyanthes, pansies and violas as well as rockery narcissi.

Interesting Note: Calypso according to Greek mythology lived on the island of Ogygia where she detained Odysseus for several years and was the daughter of Atlas the Titan.  However, for the more fun loving it is a style of afro-caribbean music although its roots can be traced back to African and French influences.


Colour Orange Red/Yellow
Height 25cm
Flowers March/April
Planting Depth 10cm
Distance Apart 10cm
Bulb Size 10/11cm