Why cheap bulbs aren't always good value for money

In the current economic climate, it makes sense to be thrifty. We look for savings wherever possible at Boston Bulbs but we refuse to compromise on quality.

The same attitude often extends to our customers who purchase from us as they know that particularly in the case of bulbs - cheaper doesn't always mean better.

Size matters
While in many industries the theory of 'bigger is not always better' is often true - this cannot be said for bulbs. While bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, it's important to know that the bigger the bulb - the better your chances of a growing a healthy, strong and colorful plant.

A great many of our customers have, in previous years, purchased what at the time seems like a package of bulbs of which the price is too good to be true. Unfortunately, for the most part they often are. We have heard many horror stories of customers who have purchased cheap packages of bulbs from pound shops, and online, only to be disappointed when the final product doesn't live up to their expectations.

Often bulbs which are small and incredibly cheap are of very poor quality. Sometimes people will write this off to an anomaly or perhaps a rotten bulb but in our experience the reason for these bulbs failing is in fact a poor overall quality.

Bulbs that are too small will often either grow weak and inferior flowers or simply just not grow at all. This in turn puts people off from buying further bulbs, when in fact the reason for their growth was simply a cheap and low-quality of product.

Choose the right supplier
If you buy from a reputable supplier, then your bulbs should be large and healthy and the give you the best chance of high-performance flowering. While it's true that some aspects of planting bulbs can be beyond the control of your supplier (such as how quickly you plant, how you plant and the quality of your soil) it is important to always opt for good quality bulbs over cheap ones.

Here at Boston Bulbs we have very high standards for our products and reject anything that doesn't meet our requirements. Our network of trusted contacts, growers and suppliers spans the UK and Europe and has been developed over 40 years to find only the very best bulbs for our customers. If you need help choosing bulbs, planting or looking after your bulbs then please contact us today.  

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