How to add colour to your winter garden

There are few things more disheartening than seeing the stunning colours of your garden fade as winter's cold touch takes hold. However, this doesn't have to be the case. There are many things you can add to your garden to transform it into a bright and colourful winter wonderland. Here we discuss some of our favourite plants that thrive in winter, allowing you to enjoy flowers in your garden all year round, even in the coldest months. 

Plants to bring winter colour

• Iris Reticulata- This stunning plant is available in a range of colours that are all equally vivid. Normally, they come in a gorgeous shade of blue with flashes of distinctive yellow and white markings, which are truly eye-catching. They flower early in the year, typically in February, and not only do they provide colour, they also have a distinct fragrance. You can also bring the colour indoors as they make great house plants.

• Crocus- Ranging from yellow to deep purple, and flowering from February, crocuses are a great option for winter as they add a splash of bright colour and joy to your garden. They are also versatile as they bloom equally as well in flower beds or grass areas and make a great choice for landscaping because of how well they naturalise.

• Cyclamen- These hardy plants are great for winter as they flower from as early as December so are great for those who want year-round colour in their garden. They naturalise in woodland areas, so are also great for planting in the shadier areas of your garden.

• Daffodils- Nothing shows that spring is on its way better than the first daffodils of the year. Although they are usually associated with Easter time and mid-Spring, typically the smaller types will start to bloom in late winter, making them a perfect addition to your winter garden. These plants are versatile and will feel at home in grass, containers or beds. They will create an eye-catching display wherever you decide to plant them. 

• Winter Aconite- This vibrant plant looks stunning in the winter sunshine and is great for brightening up any garden area. The distinctive buttercup yellow flowers form a dense carpet of colour and are ideal for shaded areas of your garden that tend to be damper. They create great focal points in winter as they form drifts so well.

• Snowdrops- As the name suggests, these flowers are iconic at Winter. The honey-scented blooms and distinctive drooping flowers make them one of the nation's favourite flowers. Not only do they look amazing in woodland areas, add them to a rockery or flower border and they thrive. 

• Wood Anemone- These delicate little flowers bloom from February to April and form an elegant carpet of colour. The white flowers around a bright yellow centre will make a beautiful addition to any winter garden.

Other ways to create quick winter colour

• Planting winter flowering bulbs are not the only option to brighten a winter garden. You can also add quick colour by creating displays using berried branches, pine cones and evergreens for a sprinkle of seasonal colour.

• You can also consider adding colour with your containers, trellis, birdbaths, fairy lights and garden ornaments or furniture. They can all come together to create a great colourful impact.

Your winter garden doesn't need to be boring and dull. These are just some of the ways you can ensure your garden is full of colour no matter what season you are in. 

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