Guide to Buying Flower Bulbs Online

Ordering flower bulbs online has never been easier. People are now moving to online shopping for many of their items and flower bulbs are no exception. What used to be only available at garden centres can now be purchased from the comfort of your own home. Although bulbs may not be the first things you think of when considering online shopping, there are many benefits to ordering your bulbs online. Here we discuss what these benefits are and what you should look out for when purchasing your flower bulbs.

More choice

An obvious benefit to shopping online is the broader range of products available. Online retailers are not limited to the space of retail premises. Not only will online stores stock their products in higher quantities, the range of products available will also be larger. This is perfect for those gardeners that are looking for something a bit different for their flower displays. Having the ability to order flower bulbs in high stock quantities also means that local councils and landscapers are able to undertake larger projects with ease.

Whereas many garden centres will have popular flower bulbs available such as tulips, daffodils, crocus and more, online retailers have a wider selection. This means bulbs can be mixed with lesser-known varieties, creating dazzling displays.

Order from the comfort of your own home 

Many people do not have access to a garden centre nearby. In these circumstances, the ability to have bulbs delivered without having to travel far is extremely convenient. Ordering online means that you can have bulbs delivered straight to your door. You can also order them on behalf of someone else and get them delivered to a friend or family member's home. 

The only things you should be careful about is ensuring you check the delivery information before ordering as some plants take longer to arrive due to planting times. It is also important to try and be at home when the delivery arrives. Some bulbs should not be left in the packaging for too long, especially if there is a chance of rain. 

Potential to save money 

Online shopping can reduce costs as online companies do not have the overheads and operating costs associated with retail premises. It also helps reduce costs when bulk buying. This means you can order a enough flowers bulbs to complete an entire flower display and actually save money. 

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Very informative

Another great benefit of ordering flower bulbs online is that gardens can be planned using the description provided as a guide. 

These descriptions are written by people that are specialists. This means you get to benefit from their expertise and that you get a quality product that is right for you. You no longer have to wait for a member of staff’s attention as you have access to a range of inspiration and information at your fingertips.

Organising your garden’s flower displays takes time and some planning. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing your bulbs online.

•    Decide on a colour scheme – what colour scheme do you want? Are their particular colours you are wanting or would you prefer a vibrant mix? 
•    Consider the plant’s height- A great thing about online is that the websites state what the average height the bulb will grow to. This means that you can carefully plan your displays. Knowing how tall the flowers can grow, along with the shape of the flower heads allows you to create mind-blowing displays. Knowing this information means that you can decide to plant alliums at the back of the displays as they tend to be taller with large flower heads.
    How long do they flower for?- Knowing when the flowers will bloom and how long for, again provides you with the knowledge of being able to plant certain bulbs at certain times. You can stretch the season out by having bulbs that bloom throughout the year.
•    Necessary climate conditions- Ensure you think about the conditions the bulbs need to thrive. If you are planting in an area that is in the full sun, then you will have to choose bulbs that thrive in full sun. If you have corners of the garden that require more shelter, choose options that can cope with the shadier conditions.
•    Size of the area you need to cover- Measure the area you are planning to fill. Don’t just think about the size of the flowers, think about the number of bulbs you will need. More is more and online retailers mean that you can easily buy bulbs in those quantities.

Ordering flower bulbs online can bring many benefits as discussed above. Knowing you can easily order enough bulbs to complete your garden projects in one go is great. Ordering online allows you to plan your flower displays before you buy and allows you access to a large range of unique flower bulbs, rarely found in garden centres and shops. You can soon end up with the garden of your dreams.

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