Common gardening mistakes that you might be making

Whether you are new to the world of gardening or not, there may be some gardening mistakes that you could accidently be making. Read our list of the most common gardening mistakes and find out ways that you can fix them.

Mistake #1: Ignoring the labels / instructions
It is exciting when you buy new plants for your garden. You cannot wait for them to be planted and for them to look beautiful when they start to grow. However, you need to ensure that you read the labels properly. They are full of really important information that you should not ignore. Reading this information correctly will mean that you are planting them correctly; you understand how to care for them and this will result in a better flower. They also tell you the light requirements, when they need to be planted and when the plants will bloom; all vital information to know.

Mistake #2: Not watering correctly
You need to make sure you are watering your plants at the correct time of day. Water either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This avoids the peak heat of the day which can lead to quicker evaporation and will lose all the moisture. It can even end up scorching the plant. Also make sure you water your plants enough. Don't just sprinkle them with water as this will only moisten the surface. Ensure you water them sufficiently so that the soil and roots can access water as well.

Mistake #3: Planting bulbs too close together
It is difficult sometimes to gauge how far apart you should plant bulbs and overtime you will become more familiar with what works best but having them too close together can impact how they grow. They will be fighting for space which means they may not grow to the correct height or width. Having said this, although you need to ensure they have enough space, you also need to make sure they are not too far apart. The best floral displays are where there are groups of plants together with no obvious gaps, so there is an art to getting the balance right.

Mistake #4: Killing plants with kindness
This is particularly the case with house plants. A lot of the time, people can overwater the plants. This can lead to plants sitting in water for a long time which ends up killing them. Try using a drop feeder or place a shallow amount of water in the bath, place your plants in it for about an hour as this allows time for the water to be absorbed slowly. With outdoor plants, ensure you are using the correct type of soil. Some soils, such as clay, drain slowly which can lead to bulb rot.

Mistake #5: Not taken control of weeds
You need to address the weeds before they spread as they are very dominating. Don't just pull them from the ground, as their root system is extensive and goes deeper and further than you might think. You may need to dig them out or use a systematic herbicide which is absorbed into the roots, killing the entire weed.

Mistake #6: Not knowing the dimensions of your garden
Before choosing which plants and how many you want, you need to have a good understanding of what space you have available. Measure the area first before buying the plants as this will ensure you buy the correct amount. Also consider the size of the green space you have before choosing the variety of plant you want. Choosing a plant which will grow large when you only have a small space may not be the best decision.

Mistake #7: Not considering foliage
It's an easy thing to choose your plants solely on the look of the flowers, however you also need to consider what your garden will look like during the non-flowering months. Choosing plants based on the look of their foliage and not just their flowers will help you create a garden that looks lovely all year round.

Mistake #8: Planting bulbs at the wrong time
It can be tempting to plant bulbs as soon as you buy them but sometimes this is not always the best time. For a great result, the time of year your plant the bulb is vital. Always read the planting advice beforehand. It is also common to forget you have some of the bulbs and plant them when you eventually find them. This may not be the right time of year to plant, and you are also at risk of the bulbs rotting.

Mistake #9: Incorrectly mowing the lawn
Be conscious of how often and what length you are cutting the grass. During spring and summer make sure you are mowing the lawn regularly (either weekly or fortnightly depending on the time of year). Also think about the length you are cutting it. Don't cut more than 1/3 off at a time as it can stress the grass and scorch it.

Mistake #10: Not thinking about companion plants
Before creating a flower display, make sure the plants you are choosing will look good together. Consider the species, the colour and the heights of the plants. Plant taller flowers at the back, and smaller varieties at the front.

By avoiding some of these common mistakes, you can create amazing green spaces and gardens that you are proud of and will be easier to maintain.

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