8 Benefits of Using Compost in your Garden

There are many benefits to using compost in your garden. It provides you with an extremely rich organic matter that can improve the quality of your current garden soil dramatically. Your plants can grow healthy and strong due to the addition of compost. Most of us know that using compost in the garden is a good thing but here we discuss exactly what the benefits composting are and how it can help create the garden of your dreams.

1. Compost enriches the soil with nutrients- placing a layer of compost on your soil allows the nutrients to soak through into your soil which in turn will help boost plant growth. The addition of compost adds phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen among other natural chemicals into the soil as well as a range of micro-nutrients. The wider the range of ingredients in your compost, the greater the variety of nutrients will be absorbed into the soil.

2. You can amend the acidity of the soil- The PH of your garden soil will vary dramatically depending on your location. Adding compost will neutralise the soil (whether it is acidic or alkaline) to create a healthy balance that plants can thrive in.

3. Compost improves the soil structure- Adding compost allows the soil to retain air and nutrients optimise the conditions for plants and vegetables

4. Compost lowers household food waste- Composting does not just benefit your plants, it also benefits the environment as a whole. Using food waste to create compost not only saves you space in your bin; it allows your food waste to be recycled and used to benefit your soil. A perfect win-win situation.

5. Prevents soil erosion- Compost helps loosen particles in clay or silt soil. This gives the roots more room to spread which reduces the risk of soil erosion. 

6. Improves water retention- Compost also helps increase water retention and reduce the amount of runoff due to the healthier root systems it creates.

7. Compost attracts wildlife- Earthworms, centipedes and other insects are attracted to the composted areas and this aerates the soil when the creatures burrow. 

8. Compost reduces pests- Compost can help reduce the amount of pest problems you have which means using less pesticides.

As you can see there are so many benefits to using compost that can also benefit your household, your garden as well as the environment. If you have ever had planting issues in the past, then consider using compost rather than opting for other fertilisers as you could have an issue with your soil structure. This can be remedied by adding compost allowing you to grow beautiful flowers and more.

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