Wild Daffodil (Psuedonarcissi Van Sion)

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Narcissi psuedonarcissi telamonius plenus Van Sion is a beautiful fully dpouble golden yellow bloom and carries distinctive green markings on the outer petals. Our stock is from the UK and has been native to this country since the 17th century and can be seen in many local woodlands. This magnificant flower naturalises freely and is at home in beds, borders, banks, amongst roses and shrubs and as a container plant or in woodland settings.

When planting the stock, cover the root system and white part of the growing stem and leave just the green shoots above the ground.


Colour Yellow
Height 30cm
Flowers March
Planting Depth When planting, cover the root system and white part of the growing stem and leave just the green shoots above the ground
Distance Apart 10cm
Bulb Size S1
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