Pipit - Rockery Narcissi Bulbs

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narcissus jonquilla pipit

An unusual miniature with a centre of pale yellow which gently spreads out to the golden-yellow petals which fade to a paler colour with age. And not only do they look attractive, they're delicately scented too! Miniature and rockery variety suited for naturalising, containers, beds and borders.

Narcissi Pipit when planted in grass lands with naturalising over a period of time are truly a sight to behold. Companion plant with dwarf tulips and muscari or use as a cutflower in the home.

Interesting Note: Beautiful species of wild bird which are Lark like in their streaky plumage and long hind claws, but with longer tails, with several types such as meadows, rock, tree and water pipits.


Colour Yellow
Height 25cm
Flowers April
Planting Depth 10cm
Distance Apart 10cm
Bulb Size 8/10cm