Native English Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non scripta)

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hyacinthoides nonscripta English Bluebells

Our stocks of English Bluebells have been certified as being true Hyacinthoides non scripta and are grown in a protected environment.

These rich violet blue flowers on arching stems make wonderful displays in shaded areas and woodland settings and will re-seed and multiply over the coming years.

It is imperative that you avoid planting alongside its Spanish cousin as the Spanish species is invasive and will cross pollinate and in future years create hybrids and eradicate our traditional stocks.

When planting bluebells for the first time in woodland areas or in major landscaping projects it is essential that no other stocks of Hyacinthoides hispanica are within a reasonable distance to potentially infect stocks.

Remember pollen can be wind borne as well as transported by bees and insects.

Interesting Note: Native to the British Isles this woodland loving plant is frequently used as a garden plant and can be container grown.  However, plant habit can be affected by planting in direct sunlight.  Carpets of violet blue flowers in wooded areas are a sight to behold but care must be undertaken not to introduce the invasive Hispanica types.


Colour Purple
Height 30-40cm
Flowers April/May
Planting Depth 8cm
Distance Apart 8cm
Bulb Size 5+cm