Mount Everest - Allium Bulbs

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allium stipitatum mount everest

A multitude of closely packed star shaped flowers form a showy bold globe of intense white on tall, ribbed, ridged stems and make spectacular displays in cottage gardens, Summer beds, borders and formal landscaped areas.  The rich colours makes this an ideal focal point amongst shrubs and perennials.  The flower heads are superb for cut flowers and when dried add extra character to your garden displays.

When receiving your bulk buy alliums, plant within a few days of receipt.

Interesting Note: Mount Everest located in Nepal and Tibet is the worlds largest mountain.  Its snow topped peak and its towering height are very apt when naming this species which never fails to impress.


Colour White
Height 1.2m
Flowers June
Planting Depth 15cm
Distance Apart 15cm
Bulb Size 18/20cm