Lobularis - Rockery Narcissi Bulbs

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narcissus psuedonarcissus lobularis

The Wild Daffodil (also known as the Lent Lily) has long grey-green leaves. The plants have a clump forming habit. The wild form looks very much like its cultivated siblings, except that the true wild species is generally a slighter plant with half-nodding flowers.

Used extensively for landscaping in hedgerows, woodland areas and impact planting.

The bulbs can be planted in clumps or simply planted as spot plants to create a naturalised appearance.  Simply cast the bulbs and plant where they fall.

Psuedonarcissi lobularis or wild daffodil used in mass planting schemes is available to buy at competitive prices from our bulk buy range.


Colour Yellow
Height 25cm
Flowers March
Planting Depth 10cm
Distance Apart 10cm
Bulb Size 5/6cm