Large Flowering Crocus - Mixed

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crocus vernus mixed

A winter flowering display of mixed crocus not only adds vital colour to your beds and borders, but is equally attractive as a pot grown plant either in the home, outdoors or pot grown.

Crocus naturalise quite easily and can be planted in wooded areas with snowdrops and bluebells.  Why not try planting some in grass areas for a splash of colour in early Spring, but remember to allow the foliage to die back before cutting the grass area they have flowered in.

Crocus Vernus are perfect for landscaping, make sure you buy good size flower bulbs to maximise your flower displays.

Interesting Note: Giant Crocus are thought to originate in areas close to the Alps and Pyrenees, the bold heads are larger than the snow crocus species chrysanthus and tommasinianus and are later flowering.


Colour Mixed
Height 10cm
Flowers March/April
Planting Depth 8cm
Distance Apart 8cm
Bulb Size 7/8cm
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