Ikariae/Woronowii - Galanthus Bulbs

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Ikariae make themselves known in early January, you know it is nearly time for spring. These beautifully perfect, white, bell-shaped flowers require semi shaded conditions to allow them to grow to their full potential.

The compact plants native to parts of Turkey and Russia thrive in shaded areas such as woodlands and in and around plants in cottage gardens, perennial beds and shaded parts of the garden.

Galanthus Ikariae sometimes referred to as Woronowii are perfect for naturalising, the bolder flower forms stand out in Winter settings, remember to buy your galanthus ikariae early as stocks tend to be limited.

Interesting Note: Native stocks have been found in some of the Greek islands and it is claimed they were first discovered on the island Ikaria, named after Icarus.  The habit and resilience of this plant is well suited to our British climate and they naturalise freely.


Colour White
Height 15cm
Flowers January/March
Planting Depth 5cm
Distance Apart 5cm
Bulb Size 4/5cm
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