Gladiator - Allium Bulbs

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The enormous lilac-purple globes can grow up to 15cm across and make a spectacular addition to sunny beds and borders.

Plant them in large groups for a bold impact.

Also excellent as a cut flower for outstanding displays indoors and borders.  Gardeners love affair with Gladiator goes back to the 1800's when it became a mainstay of many a stately home and cottage garden.

In landscaped areas allium Gladiator gives a rewarding display when planted in groups or as a feature plant in perennial borders.

When left the dried globe heads make focal points in garden displays and can be used for dried flower arrangements.

Interesting Note: While Gladiatorial shows can be traced back to Roman times, mainly to entertain the rich aristocrats, the men trained to be gladiators tended to be prisioners from Romes ever expanding empire.  However, some aristocrats played a dangerous game by taking part as a test of their manhood.  Allium Gladiator offers many of these characterisitics being strong, sturdy and resilient.


Colour Lilac/Purple
Height 120cm
Flowers June
Planting Depth 15cm
Distance Apart 20cm
Bulb Size 18/20cm