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This mixture combines wild flora species with 80% ornamental grasses to produce a grassland meadow mixture, suitable for acid soil types.

All the varieties within our mixture are UK native including foxglove, oxeye daisy, white campion, st johns wort but to name a few.

Preparation is the most important part of growing wild flowers, whether in a corner of the garden or an espanse of open land, the soil must be free from existing grass areas.

1Kg covers up to 200 square metres sown at 5 grams per square metre.

Mixture Breakdown

Silene alba White Campion 1.20%

Phacelia tanacetifolia Purple Tansy 1%

Centaurea cyanus Cornflower 1.6%

Agrostemma githago Corncockle 4.2%

Leucanthemum vulgare Oxeye Daisy 0.5%

Digitalis purpurea Foxglove 0.2%

Prunella vulgaris Self Heal 0.8%

Chrysanthemum segetum Corn Marigold 1.7%

Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed 0.4%

Plantago lanceolata Ribwort plantain 1.4%

Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy 2.2%

Festuca longifolia Hard Fescue 20%

Festuca ovina Sheeps Fescue 15%

Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal Grass 1%

Anthemis arvensis Corn Chamomile 0.9%

Festuca rubra litoralis Slender Creeping Red Fescue 24%

Phleum bertolonii TENO 5%

Cynosurus Cristatus Crested Dogstail 7.5%

Arrhenatherum elatius Tall Oat-grass 5%

Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hair Grass 2.5%

Silene dioica Red Campion 1.2%

Ranunculus acris Meadow ButterCup 1%

Sanguisorba minor Salad Burnet 1%

Lotus corniculatus LEO Lotus corniculatus (Birdsfoot Trefoil) 0.3%

Fumaria officinalis Common Fumitory 0.4%

Avoid sowing grass seed in extremely cold conditions or when there is danger of frost.

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