Now is the time to order your summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias, gladioli, begonias and miscellaneous.  It would be a good time to cut back hedges before birds start to nest and consider planting new trees, hedges, climbers and roses.

  • Cut back hedges before wild birds start to nest.
  • Start to prune roses removing dead, damaged or diseased stems.
  • Keep off the grass during frosty conditions.
  • Plant up growbags with seed potatoes, tomato plants, beetroot, carrots, peas and beans.
  • Protect young plants against slugs and snails.
  • Plant lilies in borders or pots.
  • Order onion sets, shallots and main crop seed potatoes.
  • Keep feeding wild birds prior to nesting.
  • Prepare seed beds in fine dry weather. Cover with fleece to improve soil temperatures.
  • Dig over wintered green manures for planting within a couple of weeks.
  • Plant snowdrops in the green once flowers have finished.  The plants establish quicker this way.
  • In a mild winter give your lawns a first cut, ensure mowers are on a high setting then rake and feed.
  • Start sprouting dahlias in warm conditions.
  • Pick off developing seed heads on daffodils and other spring bulbs but leave the foliage to die back naturally.
  • Plant forced bulbs which have finished flowering into the garden.
  • Now is a good time to plant roses and shrubs.


           Shrubs Maintenance

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