• Keep lawns, paths and borders free from any fallen leaves.
  • Dig over new borders.
  • Plant bare root roses, trees and shrubs.
  • Check your greenhouse heating is working.
  • Ventilate your greenhouse on warm sunny days.
  • Plant trees and hedges.
  • Clean and repair tools and tidy the shed.
  • Wash all seed trays and pots so they are ready for spring.
  • Protect vulnerable plants with fleece.
  • Keep an area of the pond ice free by covering with boards.
  • Plan your spring planting programme for next year.
  • Order your garden related Christmas gifts.
  • Enjoy the festivities and happy gardening for the year ahead.
  • Sow mustard seed for green manure.
  • Check stored bulbs and corns for rot.


           December Garden Jobs

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