• Cut gladioli stems for indoor flower displays.
  • Keep wild bird baths filled and top up ponds,  Light feeding helps prepare for the winter months.
  • Prune rambling and climbing roses after flowering.  For ramblers take out one old stem.  For climbers cut back above a strong side shoot low down on the plant.
  • Tidy the greenhouse and cold frames before you bring plants undercover in September.
  • Liquid feed any greenhouse crops once a week.
  • Lift onions and garlic and allow to dry before storing in nets.
  • Check for potato blight and remove any infected leaves, in severe cases remove all foliage and wait three weeks before digging the tubers.
  • Buy your Japanese onion sets.
  • Keep feeding patio containers and hanging baskets.
  • Sow green manures on any bareground in the vegetable garden, this helps nourish the soil.
  • Sow the last batch of carrots
  • Pinch out the tops of climbing beans to encourage new growth.
  • Pinch out side shoots on tomatoes to divert the plants energy into fruit development.
  • Water containers and hanging baskets regularly and feed once a week with liquid fertiliser.
  • Enjoy evenings on the patio or in the summer house.
  • Start looking at our wide range of autumn planting flower bulbs.
  • Deadhead dahlias and other perennials to encourage a continued display of flowers.
  • Keep Camellias and Rhododendrons well watered through late summer while their flower beds are forming.
  • Strim or mow areas of wild flower meadow down to between 50-70cm now the plants have scattered their seed.


           Autumn Bird Feed

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