Why selling only the highest quality bulbs is important to us

Quality is extremely important to us, and we only accept the highest quality products and reject anything that does not conform to our standards.

This applies from the beginning to the end of our involvement with the bulbs, from when we source the bulbs to when we send them out.

We have a network of trusted contacts, growers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe that we have developed over 40 years that allows us to source the best quality bulbs available on the marketplace at the most competitive prices. We visit the trials of the products and view them in situ to determine whether they are of a high enough quality to sell to our customers, and why we don't hesitate to reject bulbs if they do not meet our standards. 

Once we have the bulbs, nothing leaves our warehouses without being checked for quality. We check every order before it leaves our premises and handle the bulbs ourselves, in house, rather than outsourcing it, so that we are confident that we are maintaining our standards.

Why is quality so important to us? Well, our reputation is at stake if the product is not of a high enough standard. After all, we specify what purpose and bulbs can be used for and what areas our bulbs can be used in on our website, and we say that they will perform in those specific areas. If that doesn't happen, then we will have let you down. Our aim is that we can provide the bulbs that will allow you, our customer, to turn your dreams into reality. You can only do that with the highest quality products.

Ultimately as well, it is in our interest to only sell the highest quality bulbs because we want a long-term relationship with our clients. We want them to keep coming back year after year because they know that they will get the highest quality product and service when they use us. That has been the way we do business for many years and is the way that we intend to continue doing business.

If you need help with choosing, planting or looking after your bulbs then please contact us. Boston Bulbs Wholesale is a privately-owned business with over 35 years' experience of importing only the finest quality horticultural products throughout Europe and from farmers and growers all over the UK. Whether you're a landscaper, nursery, local authority, wholesaler, retailer, private business or individual gardener, just give us a call on 01775 769 333 or visit / for help with flower bulbs, grass seed and more.

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