Which way round should I plant my flower bulbs?

A question that we are frequently asked is "which way round should we plant our bulbs?"

People can get very worried about this, which is actually good to see. It is better to realise that the way round that you plant the bulb could have a detrimental effect on the flowering performance of the product and therefore want to make sure that you get it right, than to just plant them in the soil without any care, attention or thought and just hope for the best that everything will be ok.

Bulbs are live products, and you should always remember this in everything you do with them, whether that is storing them or planting them. If you do anything to cause stress to the live product then it can severely affect its flowering performance, leading either to the flower being deformed, or to it not growing altogether.

Sadly, many people who plant bulbs are happy just to get some sort of flower form, but if they want the best results then they need to take due care and attention when storing and planting the bulbs.

The general rule with planting bulbs is to plant them "pointy end up", but we know that sometimes it isn't even as simple or as obvious as that, so in that case our advice is if you are in doubt, plant the bulb on its side. It will then find its own way.

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