The perfect plants for container gardening

Whether you have a large garden or a small patio, every green space can have the most amazing flowers by planting them in containers. Hanging baskets, window boxes, large flower pots or wooden planter boxes are just some of the ways you can display these floral arrangements.

There are endless options on what flowers you can choose from. The creativity is truly down to you. However, here are just a few tips and things to think about before you start.

Choosing your containers
There are so many different types of container to choose from, so make sure you pick the right one for you.
-    Plastic pots can easily damaged by the UV in the sunlight and can deteriorate quickly compared to ceramic pots
-    Terracotta pots look lovely, however they can dry out rapidly
-    Glazed ceramic pots are the most popular choice
-    If you use clay pots, these are porous and will absorb moisture compared to plastic pots. Therefore, these plants will need checking more often to make sure they have enough water
-    Whatever type of pot you use, ensure there is enough drainage. Add holes to any pots which don't already have them
-    Improve the drainage by placing the pots on blocks or bricks

Planting your flowers
-    Make sure the flowers you are choosing go well together. Some plants are more suited for companion planting than others
-    Ensure there is sufficient space between flowers, however also ensure you put enough in them. The containers look their best when they are overflowing with colour
-    Think about the colour combinations before planting. Choose flowers that will look good together and won't clash. Also, consider the colours of the pots you are using as well. Mix up the colours if you are wanting a bright garden, or keep to the same neutral coloured pots for a more uniform look
-    If your garden is shady, choose flowers that are better at coping with these conditions
-    Think about the height of both the containers and the plants. Creating a cluster of taller pots and plants alongside smaller ones creates a visual centerpiece
-    Think about the positioning of the pots. If they are near a seating area it would be nice to have flowers that are scented, but avoid plants prone to attracting a lot of bees that could become an instant nuisance

Caring for your flowers
-    Ensure the pots receive sufficient sunlight (ideally at least five hours a day)
-    Try and avoid the strong afternoon sun and move the containers slightly if they are in direct sunlight for too long
-    Water them regularly as container plants loose moisture quickly. Some plants will need watering daily, although this depends on the type of plant, the weather and what type of container it is in
-    Try and water them early in the morning whilst it is still cool and not during the hottest part of the day

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