Winter seems to last an eternity. After the long, cold and dreary months we all long for the first signs of spring. Gardeners especially do. 

The cold weather limits many garden activities, apart from keeping it tidy and preparing for the season ahead. 
However, after months of quiet, the plant world is about to bloom into life, much to the rejoice of fellow gardeners.

Here are 6 ways you know that spring has arrived.

Flower bulbs start to bloom

Although the majority of flower bulbs will bloom mid to late spring, there are a few early bloomers that tell gardeners that spring is just around the corner. Some of the early bloomers include:

Crocus flowers come in a range of shades including yellow, white and purple. These wintering flowering species are great for adding vibrant colour to any garden setting. Not only do they look amazing at the front of flower beds, they look equally as stunning in patio containers. It is beautiful to see the bright crocus bulbs sprouting, even through the snow.


Normally the first bulb to bloom, the snowdrops are a welcoming sign to gardeners that spring will soon be here. The stunning white flowers contrast beautifully against lush, green grass and provide a point of interest from January through to March. They are perfect for beds, borders, containers, rockeries, grass areas and woodland settings.


These stunningly bright flowers not only look amazing but are equally desired for their sweet scent. They look great in a bulk display or planted in small groups. From pastel shades to vibrant reds and purples, hyacinths are available in a range of stunning colours. The beauty of this flower is that they also make amazing indoor plants.


The Cyclamen flowers start to bloom from December and naturalise in woodland areas, under trees or in shaded areas, so they are great for those shady areas of your gardens.


Bluebells are one of the nation's favourite flowers and you know spring will soon be here when you start to see the striking blue flowers. Whether they are in a bluebell wood or part of a spring bedding garden, these violet flowers look and smell amazingly sweet, attracting bees.
Trees start to flower and bud

A subtle sign that spring is around the corner is seeing the trees begin to flower and bud.

One of the first signs of spring is when you notice the appearance of butterflies. Encourage more butterflies by planting flowers that attract pollinators such as alliums, crocus, bluebells and hyacinths.


We can officially get excited about spring when you start to hear the joyful chirps of birds in the garden. Hearing the sweet sound of birdsong can help you celebrate the end of winter. Help birds out during the winter to spring transition by providing them food and shelter.


An unfortunate signal that spring is here is noticing your allergies are coming back. Although the main effects will be felt late spring and into the summer months, some still suffer in early spring. When trees begin to bud, they pollinate in the air to fertilise their flowers, which can cause irritability to many allergy suffers. If you suffer from tree pollen, try and keep your windows closed and limit your time outside on windy days. 

Freshly Cut Grass

There are very few things that show that spring is here than the smell of freshly cut grass. Knowing that your grass has started to grow and has awakened from its winter slumber is a true sign that warmer, longer days are around the corner.

Although the first signs of spring are very gradual, seeing the increasing numbers of birds chirping, trees budding and flowers in bloom, lets you know that winter will eventually end and lead to a lovely spring and summer in your garden.

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