The biggest trends from Chelsea Flower Show 2019 that you can recreate

This year's Chelsea Flower show saw some amazing designs and showcased the beauty of colour, wildlife and nature. Here are a few of the top trends that were at the show to inspire you to try at home and transform your garden into a showstopper.

1.    Going Green
A massive theme at this year's show was green. From green flowers to trees, the colour green was everywhere and truly expressed the beauty of nature. Plant some trees and green foliage alongside your colourful bulbs to enhance the beauty of nature and create a calming look. The impact that humans have on the environment was also an issue that many gardens try to highlight. The gardens tried to promote recycling which you can easily recreate by thinking about what waste materials you are producing. Can you reuse anything as flower pots?

2.    Wild Flowers
Secondly, wildflowers were proven to be extremely popular at this year's show. They look stunning in grass as well as in flower beds and are guaranteed to add stunning colour to your garden. Here are some of our recommendations to create the perfect Wildflower garden look.

Native English Bluebells - these are a classic wildflower which always look stunning with their blue/purple colour. They are ideal for a shaded area of your garden or under trees and will drench your garden in spring colour.

Fritillaria Meleagris are stunning flowers which are square shouldered bell shaped with characteristic checked markings, making them truly original.

Ursinum or Wild Garlic is a type of allium bulb which is a very popular variety to grow in the wild. The pretty star like white flowers are stunning against the green and also give off the distinctive garlic smell when crushed.

3.    Wildlife
The message of a lot of the gardens at this year's show was to highlight the importance of providing sanctuary for our wildlife, in particular those species which are currently endangered. Here are some of our top recommendations for plants which will attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

Alliums, Bluebells, Crocus and Hyacinth varieties are all amazing plants to attract pollinators and are guaranteed to look amazing in your garden.

4.    Embrace Colour
Some of the gardens this year were extremely colourful. Some were colour coordinated, with areas of the same colour, and others were a rainbow of colours, from brilliant brights to pretty pastels. Discover our colour shades collection to find a colour that suits you and your garden. Don't be afraid to go bold. Colour will always look amazing in gardens.

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