Our guide to the choosing the perfect grass seed

Our lawns are very important to us. They are often the first impression people get of our garden or business and there is nothing better than a lush, green, neat lawn. Of course, there are so many different types of grass seed mixtures out there, all with their own properties and characteristics, so whatever your needs are, there is a perfect grass seed blend for you.

What is a Grass Seed mix?
Grass seed mixtures are a blend of different cultivars. Each one has its own unique characteristics, so by mixing them you can create combinations that are suitable for different uses.

Two main types of mixtures
Non-rye grass mixtures
These are extremely fine leaved blends which make them ideal for more formal gardens or ornamental lawns

Rye grass mixtures
The rye grass mixtures are can tolerate more wear and tear that comes from daily use and activities.
Things to consider when choosing grass seed

What are you going to use the lawn for?
Bowling Green
Bowling greens are known for their lushness and this is why a non-ryegrass mixture is perfect. You need a blend that can tolerate close and regular mowing and one that helps retain its colour during the winter months. However, this type of grass will need regular upkeep.

Sports Pitch
Whether its football or rugby, the pitch needs to be able to cope with a lot of daily activity. Going for a rye grass mixture is best for this as it is hardwearing and designed to cope with the regular wear and tear. Its best to go for a blend that regrows quickly after cutting as well.

Family garden
To cope with family daily life and activities, you need a grass seed that is hardwearing. Therefore, a ryegrass blend is the best for this. They are still fine in appearance but are low maintenance so are perfect for all purpose lawns.

Show lawns and formal gardens
For lawns that need to look lush and perfect but are not having to cope with rigorous amounts of activity, then a non-rye grass blend is best. Choose one that tolerates close mowing, that binds the lawn together for that perfect finish but still have some resilience to wear. This type of grass will need regular upkeep.

Horse paddock
It is so important to get the correct type of grass seed if the purpose is for a horse paddock. There is a special blend specifically created for this which is high energy. This is necessary as the horses graze on the grass so it needs to be nutritious. The blend is quick to establish and creates high quality hay which again is essential for the health of the horses. Never use traditional grass seed in horse paddocks because of these reasons.

Is the area under shade?
If the answer is yes, then you need cultivars which root deep to compete with the tree roots. The blend needs to withstand both wet and dry conditions.

Does it need to withstand close mowing?
There will be some instances (such as cricket pitches and bowling greens) where you need the lawn to be kept cut regularly so that it is constantly short and neat.  If this is the case then choose carefully. Certain blends are made specifically for cutting short.

Will you have time for the regular upkeep?
If you have a busy lifestyle where you think regular lawn mowing will not be realistic then there are grass seed blends which have to a low growth rate. This means you won't have to cut the grass as regularly, which will be more convenient and mean less maintenance.

Our top tips
Sowing the lawn
-    Avoid sowing grass seed in extremely cold conditions or if there is a danger of frost
-    Always ensure the area you are putting the seed in is free from weeds, stones or debris
-    Sow the grass between March and October when its dry and calm (although Autumn is generally best)
-    If there is no rain 48 hours after sowing, gently sprinkle the grass with a hose

Lawn Aftercare and upkeep
-    Mow about twice a week until the grass is established
-    Always remove clippings once you've cut the lawn
-    Use lawn feed and weed killer once the grass is fully established to keep it in good condition (apply after approximately six months)
-    Water DAILY during dry periods

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