New Autumn Planting Flower Bulb Varieties For 2017

Spring flowering bulbs remain one of the most popular plants in the garden and for landscaping projects.

Traditional favourites such as Narcissi tete a tete and Tulip Red Riding Hood grace many a home in pots or as focal points in rockery displays.

English daffodils, bluebells and snowdrops appeal to those naturalising in green areas and woodlands.

While tulips continue to be a firm favourite for formal landscaped beds.

Yet each year we all look to see what new varieties are available to freshen garden borders and major planting projects, here are but a few of the highlights for the coming Autumn.


Allium Mohican

If you are looking for something striking that will create a focal point in your Spring border display, then this daring variety with tall slender stems bursting forth with intense wine red, tipped ivory white bell shaped flowers will certainly fit the bill.


Narcissi Binkie

Traditional yellow trumpet daffodils with various golden shades look superb in any setting, yet we think you should also find room for this marvel of the daffodil world.  The robust stems stand proud and display the most wonderful blooms up to 12cm across in delicate shades of lime and soft yellow, which further surprise you by fading to creamy white with age.


Crocus Sativus

Herbs and spices are an essential part of everyday cooking, the saffron crocus apart from its visual beauty with distinct goblet shaped blooms in a rich shade of lilac carries deep violet veins and long red stigmas which can be cut and dried to be used for colouring and flavouring food.


Tulip Candy Corner

This remarkable tulip certainly stands out from the crowd.  the magnificent blooms with captivating amber to apricot petals with beautiful coral red flushes will make an impact in beds, borders, formal displays in parks and as a cut flower.


Tulip Purple Doll

What an absolute stunner, this late Spring flowering variety with spectacular blooms of intense plum purple, heavily veined with green flames stands proud in any garden setting and when landscaped for formal beds or as a cut flower.

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