Guide to Bulbs in the Green

What are Bulbs in the Green?
Bulbs in the Green involves planting flowers when they are still in leaf, rather than as a dried bulb. Traditionally, native varieties can take a long time to establish, which is why bulbs in the green are a great option to consider as they provide plants quicker that will naturalise freely, creating large groups of flowers which will continue to bloom for years.

Some species such as bluebells, snowdrops and aconites transplant better when they are in leaf. This makes them completely different to spring flowering bulbs as they are planted as dormant bulbs during the autumn or winter months. Bulbs in the green, on the other hand, are active, flowering bulbs which are dug up late winter/early spring before getting sent to the customer for replanting.

What are the advantages of bulbs in the green?

  • They flower more quickly as it takes them less time to establish than the bulb variety.
  • They are easy to plant as you can already see how much space they will take up which allows easier planning when planting. You will easily be able to see gaps where the flowers need to fill.

Are there any disadvantages?
Although these benefits are great, you do have to consider the following:

  • They can something be more fragile than bulbs so always handle with care
  • You do not have time to wait to plant these, unlike bulbs. As soon as you receive them, they should be planted. You can delay it a day or two as long as you keep the plants damp.

Preparing to plant
Once you have ordered the bulbs in the green and know when they are going to be delivered, plan where you are going to plant them in advance as time is of the essence. Ensure the soil is free of weeds in the area you want to plant and add some enriched soil.

When they arrive, plant them to the level they were before, which you should be able to see. If you are unsure how deep to plant them, play on the safe side and go a bit shallower. Leave room between the plants for them to form groups in the future as they become established.

You must be aware that because of the act of digging them up and moving them you may not get flowers the first year you plant, but because they establish quickly, they should increase in number and provide beautiful flower displays the following year.

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