Dick The Armchair Gardener


Dick is 80 years young, is a man of principal, has very strong views, lives for his family and has a real passion for gardening.


Raised on a council estate, Dick was taught about community spirit, family values and the need to work and play hard.


Having left school at a tender age, Dick joined the armed forces before returning to the same community and marrying his childhood sweetheart, settling down to become a self employed tradesman.


It was when they invested in the family home, which they have lived in all their lives that his passion for gardening came into being.


Growing flowers, vegetables and planting the grass borders with flower bulbs and plants.  In time he invested in three greenhouses and 3 quarters of his land was devoted to flowers and vegetables. Growing his own Geraniums from cuttings along with Begonias and various annuals for family and friends.


At the height of his gardening prowess he had tunnels on other family members land filled with seasonal vegetables and Chrysanthemums.  But now at the tender age of 80 he suffers with medical conditions but he still enjoys the challenge of gardening, just in a smaller way.  


Its characters like this that makes gardening the more interesting for all of us, we just need to step up and accept the challenge!


From now on Dick will be popping out to his garden shed and sharing with us all some of his wonderful and helpful hints and tips (whether we want them or not) where he sees fit.

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