A Guide to Alliums

Alliums look stunning in gardens or landscaped settings and are both graceful and colorful. There are so many reasons to love Alliums and why they are amazing flowers.

Quick Facts about Alliums

  • They are easy to grow
  • Their garlic scent is extremely attractive to pollinating bees and insects
  • The bulbs should be planted in early to mid-autumn and flower in Spring and early Summer
  • They make amazing cut flowers
  • When planting Alliums, ensure the soil is not too damp
  • They thrive in full sun
  • Alliums are related to the onion and garlic families
  • The flowers grow and form clusters, creating pom poms, stars or semicircular shapes
  • Alliums used as ornamental plants is a relatively new thing and started to become popular in the mid-19th century
  • They come in a myriad of colours, ranging from lilac, pink, purple and silvery grey to white.

Things to consider when buying Alliums

  • Consider the type of Allium before you buy. These amazing flowers range in flower size and colour, so ensure you choose a type that will complement the rest of your garden.
  • Consider the height of the flower - Alliums vary in height, with some types, such as the "Mount Everest", being 90cm in height. Think about this when you consider where to plant them.
  • Some Alliums are suited to containers whilst others are better for borders. Again, consider where you are planning on planting them before choosing.
  • Try and choose a location in your border that is sheltered but still has access to full sun.
  • Bulbs can rot if the planting conditions are too wet and waterlogged
  • Alliums do not repeat bloom. However, the flower heads can be left on the plant to dry out and still look lovely in flower borders. They can alternatively be used in cut flower arrangements.

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