8 things you may not know about bluebells

The striking blue and purple petals add instant freshness and vibrancy to any garden. From the colour to the beautiful bell shape, there are so many reasons why Britain love bluebells. Here are just a few facts about the stunning flower.

1.    They are protected by law
The native bluebell is protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. This means that it is a criminal offence to uproot the wild common bluebell from land where its naturally grows.

2.    They were used in the medieval wars
The sap of the bluebell is sticky and was said to have been used for glue by medieval archers.

3.    They grow best in woodland
This means they are perfect for woodland projects, shaded areas of the garden and under trees.

4.    Britain has almost half of the world's bluebells
Spain has a version of bluebells; however, the flower is rare in the majority of world.

5.    They are delicate
If bluebells are crushed, they can die due to lack of food. Any footfall damage can take years for the plants to recover from so it's best to tread carefully!

6.    They have several names
Bluebells also go by the name of Wild Hyacinths, Wood Bell, Fairy Flower and Bell Bottle to name but a few

7.    There are many superstitions about the flower
It is said that if you "ring" the bluebells, fairies would come. However, if you actually heard a ring someone dear to you would die. In medieval times, people stayed away from bluebells as bad luck would follow.

8.    Bluebells have several meanings
They are known for meaning humility, gratitude and everlasting love.

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