8 reasons why we love the crocus flower

1.    They are resilient
Crocuses are known for being able to cope with the occasional frost or light snow. This is thanks to their natural insulation. They struggle to thrive in hot conditions, so they work really well with the British climate.  They are some of the best spring bulbs to come back year after year as well, so you can carry on enjoying their beauty.

2.    They produce saffron
The delicate threads of the plant are collected and dried to create saffron. If has long been among the costliest spices in the world by weight. It is popular in foods all over the world, especially in baking and curries. It is even the reason behind the name, as crocus is Latin for saffron.

3.    They are popular around the world
It's not only in Britain where this plant blossoms. Because they can grow in meadows, forests and even on mountain peaks, crocuses are found across Europe, China, the Middle East and Africa.

4.    They come in a range of colours and species "¦
"¦ from vibrant yellows to purples, and some even come with markings. This plant is guaranteed to add colour to any green space. And with 80 different species to choose from, there's lots of options.

5.    They flower in Autumn and Winter
The majority of crocus flowers blossom during the late autumn and winter months. This means that they are the perfect flower to brighten up any garden during those cold and dull winter days.

6.    They are versatile
Crocuses are amazing as they can be planted in loads of places. Whether its woodland, rockery beds, grass or containers, crocus flowers will blossom.

7.    Can thrive in sun or shade
Whether they are grown in full sun or partial shade, crocus flowers can thrive in both which is great for most gardens.

8.    Haven for bees
It's a common fact that bees and are now in extreme danger of dying out but they are a vital part of our natural environment. By providing as many plants that attract different species of bees as possible is one way we can help with their survival. Crocuses are one of many flowers which are perfect for this job.

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