7 Benefits of Gardening

There are so many great reasons why it is great to head out into the garden. Not only will you have somewhere beautiful to relax in, it is also an amazing hobby to keep you entertained and comes with a long list of health benefits. Here we discuss some of the top benefits of gardening and why everyone should be spending more time becoming green-fingered. 

1. Gardening reduces stress

Studies have shown that gardening has led to lower cortisol in your body, which is the hormone that is associated with stress. Therefore, if you have had a tough day, making time to head into the garden to help you de-stress. 

Gardening has also been linked to a reduction in both depression and anxiety. It is a pastime that allows you to remain in control when you are planting, and it can boost confidence when you improve your gardening skills. Some hospitals even use gardening and flower arranging as a form of rehabilitation for some patients.

2. Gardening can burn a lot of calories

Of course, it depends on what gardening jobs you do, but those that spend hours at a time in the garden at a time will reap the rewards. Gardening can burn over 300 calories during an hour of light gardening according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Simply watering the garden can burn more than 100 calories and heavy landscaping can burn way over 500! So, no matter what gardening jobs you are doing, they all add up and can help towards keeping up an active lifestyle.

3. Gardening can help you save money 

Gardening can be initially quite costly when you first buy all your equipment, however over time once you improve and create a routine, it is possible to save money in the long term. Once you grow your own fruit and veg in large enough quantities, it not only saves you buying the equivalent products in the store, it helps reduce the packaging consumed when you buy it yourself, it saves you fuel it takes to go to the shop and you can also dehydrate or freeze surplus produce, saving you time and money in the future.

4. Gardening can help you eat healthier

A benefit of growing fruit and veg is a healthy diet. There is nothing more rewarding than eating the fruits of your labour. You cannot get fresher food than that which you have grown yourself in your garden. Cooking with this homegrown food also helps educate children on how to eat a varied and healthy diet.

5. Gardening can bring your family and community together

You can, of course, garden on your own; and solo gardening is something many people enjoy and find relaxing. However, the joy of gardening can also be shared with your family, friends and even your local community. With a variety of tasks involved in gardening, there is something for everyone to do. Whether it is your back garden or a local park or village green, gardening is a great group project and allows you to work together as a team to create something beautiful.

6. Gardening can make you stronger 

From planting and digging to cutting back hedges and mowing the lawn, you are using a large array of muscles which will strengthen over time, helping your overall health. 

7. Gardening can make you happier

Not only can it make you happy to look at your results and see what your hard work has achieved, several studies have shown that spending time in green space and nature can have an amazing positive impact on your mood and can make you feel happier. 

Gardening is not just about creating a spectacular display, or creating a haven for wildlife, these benefits show that there is so much more to gain from gardening and it is something that everyone should try and get involved in.

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